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Encinitas Jewelry designer, Nicole Broucqsault's unique pieces takes inspiration from the beauty she finds from nature. CASA de NIKA brings a little bit of my Casa to your Casa. I love the outdoor lifestyle and often find my inspiration hiking the Montecito trails as I've done my entire life, roaming the beaches and mountains wherever they may be.


One of the oldest forms of decorative art, jewelry, satisfies the

human need for self-adornment in a way that allows us to express ourselves individually. Each of my pieces is handmade, often using natural semi-precious stones which vary slightly in color and shape. Unique and original in their own way, no two pieces are exactly the same. 

I am excited to now also be bringing unique and stylish goods found on my travels to you. Stay tuned as I am in the process of redoing my website to accommodate these new finds! 


 I hope you enjoy wearing your new jewelry in good health. As each piece is handmade and delicate, please treat them with the utmost care. Thank you for visiting my casa and I hope to see you again soon.

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